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Saturday, April 17, 2004

This is really really a very bad day! The stupid server just cropped up and now i'm rewriting my blog. I must have gotten off the bed on the wrong side. But then again, i could only got off at one side. No wonder everyday is so bad. Sometimes i think i must be cursed.. Or Lady Luck is too busy to look after (or maybe she just simply dun like me). Whatever lah..

Life is all about decisions. From the time u open your eyes till the time you shut them, you have soooo many decisions to make.. Like what to wear, what makeup to use. This is so bad for the brain. Give the poor guy some rest lah. I guess the brain of a blonde must be the happist brain of all.. Heh.. Lame jokes, yes i know. But i'm just bored lah and if u are also reading this blog, then you must be equally bored.

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