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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I have absolutely no ideas what i should write here... *think think* Hmm... I still have no idea. I was planning on writing something smart, something witty, something funny. But nah! I'm not anything of all of the above mentioned to begin with so how can i actually write anything near that. *still thinking* Arrghhhh.. Still no idea what i should write to fill up this space. This is one of those brainless day i'm experiencing, which i think u might seriously hear a hollow sound if u try knocking on my head. Yes, in case u are wondering, i do have brains. Remember i'm no blonde. Just a miserable blackhead (not the blackhead u find on ur nose idiot. Black hair, blackhead like red hair, redhead. get it?) trying to kill all her brain cells thinking of what to write here. *more thinking* I seriously think i could get into a trance if i keep watching the blinking cursor on my computer screen. Ok i've side-tracked. I should be thinking what i wanna write. Think brain, my pal. Time for you to start working. Yoo hoo! You there? knock knock! *echo-ing sound of knocking heard* Oh great! He moved?! Never even inform me. Damn it! Now i have to put up post for rental to another occupant. What am i supposed to do now?? Never even leave me an address. *sobz* I know i have been a bad employer. I know i have been overworking him for the past 2 weeks, with all those decisions i have been trying to make. I know i din even pay him overtime salary but hey! How can he leave me when i needed him the most, that is to help me to think of what to write here. What am supposed to give to all my dearest readers who is still waiting for that witty, funny piece of master piece that is supposed to be published in this post. Now i'm going to be sue. *sobz* I'm sorry my dearest readers, i guess i can't produce that masterpiece till i found another occupant to fill up the room in my head. You all will have to come back another day. And before i forget, Room for Rent, any takers?

*In case you're wondering why am i so cranky, it is only because i'm sick and i'm probably still under the effects of the medicine i took*

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