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Wednesday, May 05, 2004


I felt sick to my stomach. I discovered that he'd just signed up at yet another singles websites. Is this the fourth or fifth time i caught him do it? Seriously i dunno too. Some people might say, what's the big deal, only a website.. But it is about betrayal. You won't want to be kissing this person today, only to discover that he is chatting away with some other girls he'd never even met before online. He always has an excuse for signing.. He wants to look at other people's photo, he din know he actually sign up for it, he din mean to sign up for it, it came with the package u see.. He got so many excuses that i dun even know what to trust anymore. I can't help but wonder everytinme he's online, is he talking to some other girls while talking to me at the same time? Makes me wonder if he feel good about it that he'd just made me looked like a complete idiot. Maybe he really does. Just what is wrong with guys? I mean, u can't keep urself away from other girls? Dun u even know that this is hurtful?! Dun u ever think of the girl's feeling? She got feelings too you know. Just ask urself if u would like to share ur car with completely strangers.

Can i have a show of hands, just how many guys bring their gfs to fish farm or fish shop for date?! I mean, it is pretty interesting to look at fish but not when u are on a date! It doesn't feels good to know that ur other half is bring you to such places when he is having fun with his other frens at chalet or pubbing. U like fishes right? Why not lets exchange our activities. You go to the fish farm with your frens and i get to go pubbing with you. Not fair? Why not? I've been doing this kind of stupid activities with you while u are having fun with ur frens. Who is not been fair? Oh.. Your frens doesn't like to do this kind of boring activities.. I see.. But i DUN like it too! How come i dun get to choose? I dun really wanna complained and in the past i seriously dun mind going there with you. Cos u always gimme the impressions that u are deprived of some leisure time. But now i found that i'm the one who is been deprived of! So much for no time to go out frens but got time to get drunk. So much for been busy online cos u need to do work but got time to register for the singles' website. What is this kind of shit? Do u even realise tat u are dating another human being? In case u dun.. HELLO! Look here, i have two hands, two legs, two eyes, one mouth, one nose and definitely the ablility to feel sad and every right to be happy! So wake up you jerk!