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Monday, May 24, 2004

Anyone without an attitude problem, pls stand up..

I am so done with this disgusting world. Everyone has a attitude problem! What is wrong with speaking nicely to other ppl who may not be more senior as you. In case u din notice, u DUN own the world. Human beings are just disgusting. You know what i should do? I should just pack my bags and go Africa to live with the animals. At least they have manners.

I dun believe in GOD. How can there be a GOD? Sorry to all christians out there, believe what u want and i believe what i want. So, there is nothing wrong when i say i think there is NO god. Spare the lecture. You dun even know if he exist in the first place.. Yah yah, i know faith. What if faith? If u dun even know something, why follow it blindly?

Btw, if u haven't watch "Troy", go watch it. That's the way GOD should be. Hot. Just like Brad Pitt.

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