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Monday, October 11, 2010

Good Boss, Bad Boss

I'm sure everyone dreamt of working under the prefect boss. Someone who is understanding and a great mentor. But how many of us did actually work under a great boss.

A conversation with A today sent a chill down my spine that the once our Boss can be such a person. This makes me wonder what does the boss treat the subordinates as? Working machines, slaves or human beings who have their needs? When will the Boss ever learn that its perception does not equate to others perception? Why are some being punished (in my opinion) just because family comes first? Or what is so wrong in taking and using the benefits that the company has offered to its staffs? If they are not legitimate, why are they being offered?

I'm actually pretty glad to have make my choice last year as I can say that I had not made the wrong decision. I may not be working under the prefect boss right now but it is definitely a big improvement.

At the very least, I can say 'Family comes first' and it always will.

So don't feel sad A. You did nothing wrong. It will only get better from here onwards!

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