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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

And the Green-eye Monster Attacks!

I have just been bitten by the envy bug.

I know it is not right to compare and that would be just exactly what she wants but I just couldn't help it.

I'd just visited my sister-in-law new house. It is a great place, in a good location that is beautiful decorated by the I.D and furnished with pretty, expensive furniture. I know I sound materistic but which girl won't want to stay in a pretty house.

I remember being just as excited when I'd gotten my new house. I would pour over the I.D. magazine, thinking of how I would want to design my house. Soon, the excited turned in frustrated which eventually evolved into disappointment. I understand that we do not have a big budget for the house but I would still want to at least have some luxury items. Instead, everything is about the price. It must be cheap, cheap and cheap. Nothing else matters, not even the quality of the stuffs bought. I had to fight hard for my 47 inch TV because he deemed it as too big. WTF?!

I remember telling myself not to mind it but there are just times where I couldn't stop the feeling of wanting to scream at him. What is wrong with buying a few items at a price that may not be expensive but just isn't the pricing that we had wanted? As a result, we had to move into a house that is and still is half done. We can't really unpack our stuffs because we don't even have proper cupboard for them. As of now, I still do not have a proper place to place my bags and stuffs. The worst thing is, I have to listen to him complaining about me not unpacking my things. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO UNPACK? Where would I place them after unpacking? I hate the feeling of having to unpack, tidy, clean up the house and trying to get some of the rooms done up. I have a job. I'm not exactly slacking at home. Just because I worked part-time, does not mean that all these duties fall on me!

So yes, I'm very jealous right now but it's not due the I.D. or expensive furniture. It's is of the fact that they are moving into a house that is done. Now, that is definitely worth the money spent!

There, I had finally get it off my chest. I'm just waiting for the consequences now.

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