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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Marriage and Money

Recently I read in a magazine article that there was a 26 years old who spend thousand odd dollars on a small jar of skincare product every 6 months. I was amazed, not by the amount of money that the 26 years old had spent but the fact that it was paid for by her husband. In fact, I often wonder how do these girls do it?

I am not a materialistic girl looking to marry a rich husband. I am perfectly fine with earning and spending my own money. However, sometimes, I just couldn't help but wonder if the amount of money that a man is willingly to spend on a woman is tied to how much he loves her. Let me quote two real life examples.

Example 1:

Woman A and her husband A who are married with 2 kids. Both of them earned equally much. Husband A gave about $200 as household chores money and insisted on spiltting the remaining amount of bills equally between them. Husband A does not want to spend a single cent extra on his wife. He even insisted that his wife should pay half the bills for the delivery fees of both children. Not surprisingly, Husband A does not help out at all with the taking care of the kids.

Example 2:

Woman B and her Husband B had been married for about 2 years with no children. Both earned equally much as well. In this case, Husband B volunteered to pay for all the bills, mortagage installment, car installment etc. Every year, they will take at least 2 overseas trips with everything paid for by the husband, even the wife shopping money. Husband B also gave his wife a sub-card for her spending locally. In short, the wife had not paid for a single thing with her own money in the 2 years that she is married.

Before you go off to say that Couple B earn more than Couple A, let me clarify that the salaries of both couples are compariable.

So, who do you think loves his wife more? Husband A or Husband B? Is it really superficial of me to think that Husband B loves his wife more?

I am not advocating that the husband should pay for everything but if he hesitate to spend a single cent on you, won't you wonder why?

Perhaps someone will be able to shed light on this issue for me.

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  • At 4:24 AM, Blogger Destiny said…

    I have to say that I completely agree with you. I think Husband A is selfish and is all about money. That is not how it should be. I think both, the woman and the man, should put their money together because it is just that THEIR money. Husband B is completely selfless which is so sweet.. it shows that money is not top priority, but taking care of his wife is.

  • At 7:54 AM, Blogger omg1tsj3ff said…

    Woman B is more attractive than Woman A. True story

  • At 5:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think money is an independent variable and the males' characters are the dependent variable. Man A is a jerk while Man B is not.

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