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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Back from Thailand!

Hello Singapore! I'm back!! But i'm so broke now.. Spend so much in Thailand.. But then it is a holiday so who cares.. The moment i'm back, i wish i'm not.. Cos the moment i'm back i'd to face all the problems all over again.. Sianz sia.. Then i have not receive a single phone call for interview yet.. Sometimes, i think my resume must be yucks! I mean i wish it was more impressive, like scholar of whatever shit compnay or president of this club or that club... Sad to say, i'm only at management level.. Din even get a fucking honours for my degree.. Arrgh.. Forget abt that... I dun need to bring my problems into the virtual world.

Thailand is fun.. U just can't imagine all the things u can buy.. Now i know why ppl says they shop till they drop cos i really drop. Heehee.. But that is not the most interesting part. The performance u watch there are even more interesting! Haha.. Was just wondering how jess will respond if she was there.. Jess, if u are reading this, tell u something. The boys are deinitely ur style!

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