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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's time to chill

It is not much fun when you have planned for a whole day of workout with your best pals, only to fall sick at the very last minute. That is not to mention i'm just at the doorstep.

I have only skip a couple of meals and my gastric came back to huant me, badly. Got a earful from my doctor about not eating on time. Honestly, i wish i could but sigh.. Nvm..

Exams are around the corner! Totally adore this period except when my marking comes in. But since it won't be in until much later, i'm going to fully enjoy it. Although the invigilation schedule isn't much to be desired. Bleah! Whatever. At least it is a good break from my form class.

I'm so waiting to go for my personal training at the gym tomorrow.

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