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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I have a bad day

Spilling your hot pack of tea early in the morning does not make it a bad day.

Having students who are not listening to the lesson does not make it a bad day.

But having someone to tell you that what you have been doing is a waste of time and energy definitely transformed a simple, normal day into a bad day.

I never thought that spending my efforts and even my lunch hour to sources for good travel packages is a waste of time in some's eyes. Oh, how dumb of me to try to plan for the trip so that it would not be a flop. How stupid of me to go and source for deals. Like what you say, the trip is disposable, we will go if we can or we will leave it if we can't. How come no one tells me that in the first place?

The next time someone ask me why i don't wanna volunteer to do more, remains me to pull out this post and show it to him.

p/s: the song below is for anyone who is having a bad day as well.

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