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Monday, July 10, 2006

Mean girls!

It looked so 'Mean Girls'. If you had caught the movie, you would know what i mean. Recently, a particular trainee has been the topic among many female teachers. I think she is still too young to have not learn not to mess with the female species.

The unfriendly glare, checking out the other females on what they wear and secretly deciding if the rest are prettier than her is a wrong move. To make it worse, she shouldn't have ignore the rest when she was smiled at but to turn her back and gives the sweetest smile to the other gender. Everyone enjoys attention. I think she just needs to learn how to enjoy it in discreet.

What can i say? Women are bitchy and be very careful when crossing our path. You do not want to get into the wrong boot of a lady, not to mention a bunch of us.

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