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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Better service for a higher price? I do not think so...

For the past week, i have been doing my own silent protest against the increment of the cab fare by taking the public transport to school.

Big deal, you say.

But it is indeed hard work for me. Those who had known me well enough will know that i had never took the public transport to school (except for the first day of my teaching career and i was late despite me leaving the house an hour early). I'd always reasoned that if you get tired beating the students on the queue for the bus (and i'd been asked to give way to students to go onto the bus first even though they are out of the queue! Duhz.. Since when being a student means you have the priority??), the rest of the teaching day will be hell.

But as i do my calculation, my humble fare of $5 per trip to school will increase by a staggering $3, bringing it to about $8 per trip. Now, i really do not have that deep a pocket to afford such a increment. Speaking about it, i am quite puzzled about the increment.

I can understand that if the company mentioned that they need to increase the fare because of the increment of the petrol. But, to bring the peak hour from 7.30am to 7.00am?? That is truely strange. Even more bazzare would be the 100% increment of the peak hour rate from $1 to $2. As hard as i crack my brains, i couldn't find a reason to justify for this increment. Do you mean that the taxi would use more petrol in this hour?

Now, now. The more i see it, the more i feel that it is more likely to be an increment to justify for the increase profit that the company would soon obtain. The taxi uncles are already quite 'yaya' (not all though, they are some really nice ones). With the increment, i can already see their smug faces when i stepped into their cab. I do have really really, horrible experience!

So, i shall keep the money in my pocket and continued to take public transport until the day i could afford to buy my very own car.

So long to unfriendly taxi uncles who really showed me what is bad service. You do not deserve the fat profit that is going to be enforce soon.

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