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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Louis Vuitton

Some people say that the bag that you carry defines you. So in theory, the more expensive the bag that you carried, the more 'sophisticated ' you are.


Some like to think that because they carried a LV bag, it makes them above the rest of the normal people, namely me. Honey, i may not be able to afford a LV bag now but that doesn't mean i won't be able to carry one in the future. After all, i'm close to 10 years younger than you. I have LOTS of time to earn the moolahs. *smile*

Ok, i know i sound evil. At least i admit it. I have flaws. Lotsa flaws. But who doesn't? I'm not proud of some of the things that i do or say and i admit it. What turns me off is the certain breed of people who point and gossip behind people's back without realising that they are as bad as me. Blah! "Oh, she has such a temper, i wonder how she's gonna find a guy who can stand her" or "Do you know she is with so and so.."


I admit that i'm a magnet for stupid gossips like this. I get them all the time, even when i have stepped into school as teacher. People can't seem to stop themselves from pairing me up with others. I'm a friendly person. I mixed with people from both genders and honestly i cannot help or be bother if some people choose to see what they wanna see.

Ok i disgress. What did i want to blog about? Oh yes, LV bags. Days ago, i saw a friend (or i think is a friend) with a beautiful LV bag. I have a weakness for LV bags, namely because they are expensive. Yeah, i'm materalistic but i ain't getting man buying for me, so stay out of my fetish. I causally told her that it is a nice bag which it is. Most normal people would laugh and thank you for the compliments. But not her.

"Of course it is nice! It is a LV bag for god sake. Do you know how much i have spend on it?"

I started to frown, but i didn't say a word (I'm trying to manage my anger problem or so as some put it). I forced a smile and just proceed to move further away from her. I was worried i might start pulling the b****'s hair. And there she was going on and on, as though a young girl like me do not know anything about LV.

So much for having such an expensive bag when she didn't show the correct behaviour to go with it. One would think that as a person who had been in the society for such a long time, she would know the proper etiquettes. Especially when she is in the business that requires her to PR.

My dear, i have a good friend who have truckload of LV that she can keep changing every single day. But never did she try to show it off to me, with such a attitude. Now, that is a woman who truely deserved the title of a LV bag.

I made a promise to myself that when one day i could afford the bag, i would be the person who deserved it too. At least, i will try.

What can i say? Well, i'm evil.

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