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Monday, June 05, 2006


The first week of the holidays was rather pleasant.

I tried to stay away from school when i don't have any duties that requries me to go back. I tried to not read my emails netither. I wanted to have a stress-free week without thinking about school so that i can really settle my thoughts.

KJ asked me out on thurs (a much needed date! haha) and kept me entertained for hours! Thanks man! =)

I really need to get out more. KTV anyone?

Too bad i couldn't meet up with YY and the rest for dinner before she left for Laos. Sorry girl! Needed to accompany a friend who is leaving for the states. Have a safe trip!

My mom told me that the place where i usually for my massage and SPA is closing soon so i will need to finish any package that i have with them. Sobz.. Anyone know of a good place for SPA?

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