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Sunday, May 07, 2006

I Support PAP!

There. I have say it out loud and clear.

I'm gonna say once and final. Enough is enough.

It all started when i mentioned few days ago that i'm going to vote for PAP for my GRC. Apparently, that was the wrong answer.

They couldn't stop asking me why i choose to vote for PAP and not the other party. They even tried to tell me that i should just waste my vote so that i do not make up the large number of votes that PAP is gonna get in my GRC. When i insisted my stand, they say i have been bought over by the Progress Package. Allow me to curse and swear.


Why should i be insulted just because i choose to vote for PAP? Why should i be question because i choose to vote for PAP? What is WRONG for voting for PAP? So you think you are all mighty and noble because you wouldn't vote for them?

So childish. Really.

I can't think any higher of a person who threw personal insults to another because i support another party. So why do i vote for PAP?

Because, i think they are more suitable candidates to run my GRC than the other party. It is that simple to me. It has always been. I vote for the person i think is good. Having living for 24 years, i think i'm at least capable of making that one decision.

If you are that noble as you make youself to be, why did you accept the Progress Package too? Why don't you just throw it away or donate it to some charity? Yes, my family is not well-to-do. Yes, i'm receiving a smaller paycheck that you people but so? That doesn't mean i'm money-hungry. The last time i check, i still hold my head high for saying that i have not done a wrong thing for money sake. So what if i'm happy to receieve the PP? Everyone is happy to have a little spare cash here and there. But let me tell you this, if the party is not up to standard, no amount of PP would buy me over. I'm educated and i have my own political views. So get your stupid and hurtful comments out of my face.

I don't wish to argue anymore. PAP has won by a large percentage for my area. That is all that matters.

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