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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The thoughts of a teacher

I had never thought i would say this. But i am now.

I am losing passion for my profession. In fact, many times a week i wonder why i even join this line in the first place.

Yes, it's sad.

I had forgotten what it feels like to go to school everyday with an exciting feeling. During my practicum, i loved going to the school to teach. The idea of meeting with my students and fellow colleagues is so wonderful that i don't even mind the difficult classes. For those who are thinking that i must be having an easy time, i only say that i do have a very difficult class. But that doesn't stop me. I have my ways to handle them and the school supported me even though i'm only a trainee then. In fact, i can't wait to be a full pledged teacher.

Now, i'm just dragging myself to school. I winced when the holidays are over and hate it when i have to come in the morning. Afterall, what do i have to look forward to? Colleagues who can't wait to order you around or show you their superiority? Students who don't give a damn about you, not to mention about respecting you? Or management who questions about your classroom management skills but never question about the kind of students existing in the class? I can understand why the trainees do not want to be back.

Why are there so many rules and regulations that do not make any sense nor logic to me? Am i being too stupid? Why can't the taxi stop at the car pouch during rainy days? Does it really make sense to make the passenger get out of the cab into the rain? What is the car pouch for? VIP?

In a school where students and adminstrative staffs are treated with more respect than the teachers, what kind of morale do you expect from us? So forgive us if we looked like we do not want to come to work because we really do not want to.

Maybe i should just quit my job and be an OL. Hey, at least i get more time to myself.

A year ago when ppl asked me if i would quit after my bond, i had say i would see where i'm but now, i think i most probably would.

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