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Monday, March 20, 2006

V for Vendetta

Please allow me to spout words of nonsense on this very entry. I need an outlet to release the surge of feelings that is running through my body now and what better place to do it, than on my very own blog.

First, i’m going do a little advertising for this movie “V for Vendetta”.

Produced by the team of people behind the movie “Matrix”, “V for Vendetta” does live up to its expectations. I will give the movie 4 thumbs up and a must see! It is too fantastic to be missed.

“V for Vendetta” is a movie about the idea of what the future of the world may be. People obeyed the government because the government knows what the people fears of. Everyone knows that something is wrong with the country but everyone is too afraid to speak up or to even find out what is wrong. For finding out the truth means that everything that they fear may come true.

Isn’t it very true? Every now and then, we can hear people saying that there is something wrong with this and that. However, isn’t it strange that with so many people realizing that something is wrong, no action was ever carried out?

Take a look around and you will realize that fear exists all around us. It is in the country, in the law and even in the classroom. It is so fundamental that it has become the norm.

We fear, that’s why the law works. The students fear, that why they are in the classroom. Don’t get me wrong, we need laws to have orders and I’m all for it. But when fear paralyzed your actions and thinking, where do we stand now?

Have we been subconsciously been controlled by the system without us knowing it? Or maybe we do know it but we are too afraid to make changes? In the world of today, is ideology really dead?

I remember an incident where a fellow ex-colleague and friend say that the only person who can change anything is one who works well with the rules and system. For, if you don’t, you will never get to the position where you will be granted with the power to make changes. He said that it is plain stupid to hold on to your idea stubbornly for you will never be able to do anything about it. Follow the rest and you will still get the tiniest hope of fulfilling your dreams. I remember thinking to myself that if that one person doesn’t even believe in what he dreams of, who ever will? How many people started out with ideas that they want to fulfill and how many of them went through the same process or rather the same mistake of following only to forget what truly matters to them years later. How many times have one compiled in order to get to a position where they thought they would be able to make significant changes, only to find themselves forgotten about the very things that they had wanted to change. Or maybe they still remember but executing the changes that they’d wanted in the first place, would change everything that they own now. No one is saint, and the ones that really is saint had disappeared from the surface of the earth, only to be worshipped in the forms of books and images. Power and money corrupts. This unfortunately seems to be a law that still governs the world of today.

People who truly hold on to their ideology are often outcast as weird and have been mocked for it. But I believe that all we need is a little reminder to remind us of what we have forgotten since childhood. I still believe that if I do not believe in my dreams, no one ever will. The next time when we are about to laugh at someone because we feel that what they believe in is ridiculous, we should really all tell ourselves that we are the one who has been paralyzed by our fears and ignorance.

Confused? You should be. After all, this entry is just my normal ranting.

The next time, someone say that a single person cannot change the world. Think again.

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