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Thursday, February 23, 2006


Feburary marks the arrival of NIE practicum trainees.

It's always exciting to have new blood in the school, it brings spices to the if not boring school life. To make things more interesting, one of the trainees happens to be my JC classmates. Speaking about coincidence. What a small world it is. I'm trying to psycho him to stay in the school so that we can have a male chemistry teacher (FIY, we have 4 female chem teachers here) to help us do things.. Hee hee..

It has been a hell of a mad rush since the beginning of the term and things have only started to wind down abit. At least now i have the time to actually sit infront of my comp and type this blog. Sometimes, i felt so defeated by the workload. Makes me feel as though i'm only living for the work. Yucks! I need shopping therapy. Anyone interested?

3 more weeks to a long rest. Period.

Anyone want to tell me something about me that i do not know? =)

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