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Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday 's thoughts

Still kinda drain from the busy schedule that i'm having. Sometimes i really wonder how does the rest does it? I'm so overcome with the workload. KJ, could you kindly share with me how you handle being the SH and still teach so many classes?

At the beginning, i dreaded having a senior teacher as my co-form cos i thought that there willbe many restrictions. But i spoke too early. She was actually very nice to me. Encouraging me and gave me a lot of useful advises on how to handle a form class and how to be a better teacher. You cannot imagine how grateful i'm when she spoke to me in such a nice tone. No reprimending, no scolding nor finger-pointing. Just a simple conversation, and it felt so comfortable. Now, if only all senior teachers can speak to people in this way. In the first place, i cannot understand why a teacher would wanna scream at another teacher? Seniority does not give one the right to do that. Anyway, my co-form spoke to me cos she says she can observe that i'm pretty stressed up and stuffs.

On a side note, i'm supposed to bring my girls out for dance performance but i wasn't informed that i'd duties to do as well. She had just told me that she wanted me to be in charge of the sound system again. Once again, i was only informed at the last minute and expected to form. I can sense a round of screaming coming my way at the PA later. Sigh..Why do i have to lead this kind of life where i get scolded every single day. I'm no longer a kid am i? This is so bad for my mental health. How biased can one get? Why is it that someone's "cannot do, cannot go" is accepted while the rest is rejected?

I have always like Friday cos it is the day where i only face my lower sec students. Sigh.. Somehow, my relationship with my upper sec classes remain to be improved.

Ok, i gotta go for the announcement of the O'Level results.

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