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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

New Timetable

Just when i thought i can begin to love the school, something must happen to make hate it.

I was pretty happy with my timetable as all the classes are evenly spread and i do not have to rush from one place to another. I was thinking that maybe some good time has come. How wrong i was. Apparantly there is some changes in class between teachers so a new one was generated and as i feared, my new timetable is a big piece of shit. I won't mind so much abt changing the timetable, i just wish they won't keep doing the same thing to me. Why i always get such lousy timetable and even if i got a good one, i can't keep it!!!

Somehow, they always like to squeeze alot of lesson in one day so that i will have one or two 'relief' day. What is a relief day you ask me? It is a day where you have lotsa free period in between (which means my lesson would ends at 2.15pm) and i would be free to take relief class. Knowing from previous history, i won't be so fortunate to only get a relief class. I will probably get 2 a day.

Hate it, hate it, hate it. Does it necessary mean that new teacher = very free? I was telling KJ the other day that i'm not in any comm yet and yesterday i was thrown into 4 all of a sudden. How nice. My opinion doesn't count i suppose. I'm beginning to wonder why i have to do so much for a school who doesn't appreciate me.

I'm so gonna sit back and relax now.

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