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Monday, January 09, 2006

Go away!

I wish some of these people would go away and let me do my work.

Honestly, i felt that they have too much free time on their hand that they have the time to go around telling people what to do.

I have been working non-stop since school has reopened and i have nothing to complain about the workload. I volunteer for some of the duties and the rest are rightfully mine. But i wish that there will be less of some people who think that they know better and tell me what to do. If i'm sitting in the staffroom, it is not because i'm too free and that i'm slacking around. I'm doing work even when i'm sitting in front of my desk. Why do people always like to think that they are more busy than the rest and like to comment that some of us are more free?

This is rubbish. If you have the time in the first place to sit down and comment that others are very free and sitting around in the staffroom, then you are the slackest! Some of us didn't say anything not because we are free but that we are too busy to even have time to make stupid comments like this.

I hate it when people act as though they know better. If you think that you know better and you can do a better job, you are 100% welcome to do it for me. What is wrong with them?? I'm not doing most of these things because it is my duties but i'm trying to make life more convenient for others! Why are you trying to make my life more miserable?? If you think that i'm not doing a good job, go ahead and take it. I'm volunteering myself, so don't take me for granted.

I just wish these people would back off, mind their own business (if you are really too free, make yourself useful please) and let me do my work. Please?

1 Wishes granted:

  • At 6:03 PM, Blogger Ms Ang said…

    Hahha! Darling gal, hope u feel better now. :) Ya, some pple are just lidat lah. I've got colleagues who are lidat too. Like houseflies around my ears. heheh!

    All the best to u!


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