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Sunday, November 20, 2005

I need something magical...

It's confirm.

I am so damn stupid!!

Arrgh... I bought the Harry Potter movie tickets for 9.20pm but somehow my brain registered it as 9.40pm and so i was still happily telling my friend that it is still early to go into the cinema at 9.50pm cos they got so much advertisement. To my horror, when i stepped in, the movie was already playing.. I thought maybe it was some pre-view.. But.. Wait a minute, i'm gonna watch this movie, so where does the pre-view comes from?? I was still trying to console myself that maybe the movie had just started and we had only few seconds of it when i realised it might have been showing longer than i'd expected. I checked my tickets again and finally realised that the movie starts at 9.20pm not 9.40pm. I felt so stupid! I believe only i can do such a stupid stunt. I felt so sorry for my friend who had to miss the first 20 mins of the movies because of my stupidity. I felt so bad and embarrass now that i need Harry Potter to make me some magical potion to forget about this incident or even better, to make me something that will make me smarter so that i won't make mistake like this again. Where is magic when you need them??

Ok, aside from my stupidity, lets talk about the movie. "The Goblet of fire" has always been my favourite book (i have not read the latest one but i heard it is good) and i was really really looking forward to the movie. Sad to say, i'm a little bit disappointed. It is not bad but not as interesting as i thought it would be. There are so many things that were describe in the book but were not shown in the movie. Maybe the style of the new director just doesn't suit this movie. It gave me the feeling that it is so 'un-harry potter', if there is such a thing. I do not want to specify what it is because i do not want to spoilt the fun of watching the movie for yourself. I just wish it could be better..

I think i will go catch it a second time to watch what i have missed out. With the Harry Potter book series coming to the end, the magical journey is ending soon. Well, i supposed i just have to enjoy the remaining few years of my "HP" fever before i embark on another.

Now, i should go to bed and try to forget the fact that i'd just ruined the feeling of watching the movie that i'd anticipated for so long...

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  • At 9:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I never like to disagree so ya... You're right! You are so damn stupid!!! LoL!

    Joking Joking. Don't worry. The front part that you missed is almost the same as the book itself. It's neither relevant nor exciting. Nothing missed. :p



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