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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Excuse me, but your top is too short..

I can never understand what is the fuss over what one wears to school. I mean if my clothes are decent, not revealing, does it matters if it fashionable or not? I have been told by the higher authorities that my top is too short.. Ya right.. I went around asking if my top is too short as they had said and my colleagues joking said that maybe they wanna me to dress like the women in IRAN, all covered up! Quite angry about it. Maybe i should post a picture of what i'm wearing now and let you all decide if my top is really too short. What the?? So i cannot wear nice clothes to school lar is it? I must wear tu tu like those who teaches in the 70s huh. Damn stupid. My clothes is my freedom of expression and there is nothing wrong with it! Get that in mind.

Moving away from the dressing issue, i do not know what is wrong with the GV website!!! They simply refused to accept my online booking for the longest time! Arrgh.. Now i cannot book movie tickets for my Harry Potter movie this Sat. Crap. Just what i need. Another thing to irritate me further.

Angry angry angry angry...

Think i should just leave the stupid school that is making me angry and go to a GV cinema to buy my tickets personally.

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