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Thursday, October 20, 2005

I found that...

there maybe schools that are worse than the one i'm in.

The Science practical invigilation today proves to be an eye opener today for i had gotten to see a school that might be worse than the one that i'm currently attached to.

First, the school population is ver small. Probably about half the size of my school population.

Second, the students there seems to be quite bad. This is the first time that i actually see private candidates doing the practical better than the school students!

Thirdly, they have the design of those that you will see when i'm still in secondary! Although my school was built on the old design, it still beats the type of school that i used to study in.

Maybe i'd seemed something that will make me think better of my school.. Hmm...

Let's change another topic. KJ suggests to show video, which is a good option except that some of my classes' classroom had no projectors, for it is spoilt. How to show?

YY, well, now i learn that you give some, you get some. Maybe my reading time will come soon *hoping*

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  • At 5:31 PM, Blogger peccavi said…

    GH and I play games such as MindTrap with our classes.

    Well, Open House is finally over! So happy!

    Would that be FC Sec Sch that you visited? Or Marsiling?

    Anyway, hope that you have time soon. Maybe next week when sch closes!


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