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Thursday, October 06, 2005

And so...

I finally realized that blogger is not compatible with my PC at home. I simply cannot blog anymore on my home PC. That will means i will have to write less entries since i cannot blog at home now.. Wah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The tiring week is finally over, at least the teaching part is. But i still have lotsa other stuffs to complete..

Well, tmr is the day to celebrate! Since we are going to dance.. And Ray, you better come too for i'm not carrying your birthday present back home!!!

YY says her present for me is big.. Hmmm.. I hope it is not a soft toys.. I'm kinda drowning in my soft toys liao... I have so many that i do not know how to keep them and i have the habit of keeping every present ever given to me. My sister had gotten a few big ones on her birthday and we are just looking at them and having a headache because we do not know what to do with them.. Haa..

S asked what should she buy for me... I told her anything that will make me more slim or take away my tummy! If not.. A car would be good.. Handsome and rich boyfriends sound nice too.. SEE! So many choices leh.. You take your pick what you wanna get for me lor.. Haha...

Ok, ok, now for some serious writing...


I'm getting a little bit depressing lately and i'm even more short-tempered than usual. Maybe it is the lack of sleep or maybe things in school are getting me down. I just felt frustrated. I feel as though i no longer have time for myself to reflect and think. I felt like life is just about rushing and rushing. I felt like i'm not appreciated in school where i din even heard a thank you being thrown my way. I felt like just skipping school and stay at home to find my peace. I felt like beating the crap out of those lousy classes. I felt like saying loudly that the school sucks!

I felt like quiting..

The first time in 2 years that i felt that i wanna give up.

I felt that the school is punishing me by making me taking so many challenging classes. I felt that i have been treated unfairly. For weeks, i have only slept for not more than 3 hours a day, even on weekends, trying to get the papers out. Mind you, some of the papers are not even in the original schedule but was suddenly pushed to me.

One would have thought that the other would appreciate since she was doing things that is not within her job area. But WRONG!

I have admitted at many times that my biology sucks. I did not even take O Level biology.. I'm trying my best to read up and even harder on setting the papers. Why must you take every opportunity to humilate me on the fact that my biology question are not up to your standard? They are only low sec kids! How would they know upper sec bio stuffs. I'm not the only teacher who doesn't have a background on bio. There are others. Why always pick on me you jerk! Because i'm new? Is that why?

I hate everything in this school. Wish i'm somewhere else...

3 Wishes granted:

  • At 8:31 AM, Blogger peccavi said…

    Girl, please take care!

    I would really love to spend a quiet afternoon with you this week... And no, it's not a soft toy.

  • At 10:39 PM, Blogger KJ said…

    I don't think the both of you could ever possibly hope to spend a QUIET weekend together... snigger

  • At 10:39 AM, Blogger peccavi said…

    KJ, you may have a point but you are too blunt.

    And maybe I could have lost my voice and we do get our quiet afternoon.


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