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Sunday, August 21, 2005

I'm getting old..

and fat too! I can see the fat piling around my waist but am still lazy to do anything constructive about it.

I'm a little bit burn out. Sad to say i'm beginning to think that teaching is not what i think it is all about. Maybe i need another school. What i'm seeing here is disheartening. I know, all of you get bad classes but you dun have students who throw chairs at you do you?

Yes, you din hear wrongly. My darling student threw a chair at me last week because i ask him to go down to the general office to report why he hurl vugarities at me. Guess what? The student din got much punishment and he was being counselled by several teachers. In fact, i was questioned abt it. Really? What the fuck? They know what that class is like and they know it is not easy. So am i suppose to just perform miracles like Nicole Kidman snapping her fingers? Lucky for me, the whole class saw the episode and i had my support, if not i think they will just let the student off.

Now, do you still think that my students are chicken feet and easily to deal with? Tell me about it when you get students who hurl vugarities and chairs at you.

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  • At 4:49 PM, Blogger JOEL said…

    Be strong and courageous my dear frenz. You have a lot of friends who will stand by you as you 're going through the difficult times. Lastly, xin ku liao and jia you!!


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