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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Stupid dance studio

I received a call from the salsa studio today. They called to tell us that they currently DO NOT have any guys for tomorrow salsa lesson. So the lesson which is supposed to start tomorrow will be postpone for a week or two. But YY and i was wondering if they never did find any guys to join, how? Postpone infinitely till there is finally guys who joins?

This is so crap. They do not have any males for the dance but they still dare to accept female for the course. So unethical of them. No wonder they are situated in some unknown part of Singapore. When YY asked them about the guy-girl ratio for the class, they still dare to say it is roughly 7 girls to 3 guys. Where is the guys now? Although the course is very cheap ($70 for 10 lessons) but that doesn't give them the right to give us, consumers, this kind of crap. Should have known that 'pian yi mei hao huo'!

To think i was so excited that i'm gonna start on a new course tomorrow. Still pissed with them now. The worst was that they actually informed us only the day before (somemore at 8pm). Are they hoping that by some miracle that some guys will join by today?

Guess i'll just go for Lindy III lesson tomorrow instead. Oh, well. Maybe that is for the best.

P/S: Maybe some genie heard your wish yy. Perhaps, she thought you really couldn't bear with lindy 3 lessons.. Haha...

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  • At 4:56 PM, Blogger peccavi said…

    No no, what happened was she said usually the classes are 7 females to 5 males. But well, wonder how many females there are. Don't tell me only 3 haha... If they accept us only after guys come, maybe guys won't sign up coz no females mah...


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