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Monday, July 18, 2005


It is such a simple five-letters word but it requires so much effort to actually trust someone or something.

Sometimes, i really wonder what kind of world do we lived in.. We have people bombing and killing innocent lives for no apparent reason. We have to live in fear, looking out for every suspicious-looking package, afraid that it might be a bomb. What happens to the good old days where people can go anywhere without fearing that their heads might flew off the next minute?

I was chatting with an old friend over the phone last night and we are talking about my obvious lack of trust for guys. Well, can you blame me? My lack of trust is due to all the experiences that i have over the years. So much had happened that sometimes, i don't even know who i can really trust to pour my heart out without having my words been broadcasted. I looked at friends and wonder if they are just like ML, who pretend to care for me but actually was really trying to gather first-hand info so that he has things to gossip. I looked at colleagues and wonder if they will be just like others who will eventually try to bring me down if i happen to perform better than them. I look at guys and wonder if they will be just like the many other jerks who just cannot practise monogamy.

Over the years, i have been backstabbed by colleagues, betrayed by friends and having my ex cheating on me. I can tell you it is pretty upsetting. Seeing all these happening to my friends don't help neither. Yes, i have no trust for anything now for the fact that i do not want to get hurt again.

Who could really blame anyone else for not trusting each other when we couldn't even donate in peace without thinking if the money will be misused.

It is just a messed up world...

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