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Thursday, July 07, 2005

I'm so sick of...

You wanna know what am i sick of? This is what i'm sick of.

I'm so sick of ppl coming up to me and ask me if my class are managable. Most of them dun even mean it. They just wanna you to say that you can't handle a handful of students, then they will proudly say that "Oh, but they are not so bad in my class you know? I never have problem with them *smiling*". What the? Are you asking so that you can show off or put me down? Dun bother cos i will ask you to go to hell.

I'm so sick of ppl keep asking me why i dun like to do the oral thing for i get paid and i get to skip lessons. This is why i dun like to do the oral stuffs because it disrupt my lessons! I get paid as a teacher too and my main duties as i see it to make sure that i teaches my classes well. I'm tired of telling how competitive my school is and how quick they are to point fingers. If you dun understand, you never will. I just hope that those who find oral interesting will stop bothering me with these qns. Good for you if you do.

I'm so sick of ppl telling me that my school is not that bad and that it is worse elsewhere. It is true that i do not know if it is worse elsewhere. But i know what i'm going through. I thank for ppl who is trying to encourage me. But to those ppl who just wanna compare, pls go away. Yes, yes.. I know you have been through as a new teacher before.. Yes, yes.. I know you din have it easy too. But i din write to compare with anyone. I'm simply writing my life. Did it even occur to you that maybe in a very small percentage that my life really sucks now? Imgaine, i can even get blame on small things like daily marking attendance! Just makes me feel like i'm walking on thin ice.

I think it is just like what i told S today. I'm sick. I'm sick of the school.

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