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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

This is one of the reason why i like my IT HOD. He is soooo funny.. This is the conversation i had with him today before the meeting..

HOD: Cindy, how's the oral? Not too boring for you i hope. But no choice, cos new teachers always kena wan..

Me: The oral is ok (i can't tell him i'm very bored with it right??). Luckily got AA to share my load.

HOD: OF course! I purposely arranged the two of you together so that you can help each other out. Good right? Where to find such good HOD? Haha..

Me: -_-" (softly) Well, it would be better if we do not need to go down at all..

HOD: Wah! So greedy but i like!

Me: Humans are always greedy, just out nature.

HOD: Hmmm.. Speaking about human nature, display some your human nature and ask me who is your secret admirer.

Me: Huh?

HOD: Dun get so excited leh.. It is someone sitting near you though.. hahaha

Me: How come you will know if i really got a secret admirer?

HOD: Of course i know! Even though i'm sitting downstairs, i still know what is going on upstairs..

At this point, i was really speechless. I mean do your HOD gossip with you?? I have never try before. Luckily AA came in, and we can finally begin the meeting.

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