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Friday, July 15, 2005

Lindy? Salsa?

It has been a while since i have written something sensible in this blog. Most of the time, i'm simply too tired to blog although i have a lot of things to say.

School life is busy but i'm starting to take things in my stride. No point being upset over things that i cannot change. But, i managed to get myself out of the N Level oral thing. Sometimes, i wonder how i do it too..

I love and hate Friday. Love it 'cos it means that the weekend is very near. Hate it cos i have class with my 2/7. It is not as if i really hate that class a lot but simply that they drain my energy away whenever i have lessons with them. Now, i'm starting to build up a resistance in going into that class. This is bad. How?

After missing Lindy for a week, i finally decided to go for classes today. However, fate stepped in and still i din managed to go for today classes. I ended up having a 'bitch & eat' session with KJ and YY. It was still fun.

I think YY and i are too honest. We actually paid $5 to go for swing fling. I'm feeling a little bit heartache over it cos the fling doesn't seem to be worth of the money (i've dance like only at most 4 dances...). I'm a total disaster at the dance floor. I have forgotten most of the steps after slacking off a week. I pity the guys who dance with me, especially Joel. I din mean to hit you Joel, it was an accident. Sorry.. Eggie was busy reminding me of my frame (which was non-existance) and KJ had a hard time trying to make me remember my steps... I feel so crap about it. I must be really lousy to forget everything after a short while.

Ade asked me on the cab just now on why i wanna switch to salsa when Lindy 3 is so fun. Well, it is fun.. It is just difficult to explain why i wanna do the switch now. It is not like i'm giving up totally on Lindy, i'm still going for swing fling. Plus, more ppl in my school knows salsa and none knows Lindy. At least i can still practise salsa with my colleagues. While for Lindy, i can't do anything except to wait for Thur to come. But most of the time, i dun get to practise as well. It is a little bit disheartening, especially ppl like me who needs a lot of practise to get a step right. I feel paiseh for making ppl to practise with me when they could be having fun with the rest. After a while, when the gap became too big, it becomes difficult for me to dance with them. I would feel rather bad about myself when i couldn't catch up with the learning curve of other ppl or when i couldn't follow ppl's lead. Maybe salsa is just a break for me to step away from all these negative thoughts about myself when i go for Lindy.

I'm finally getting to go out with YY after so long. Yahoo! We are checking out and registering for Salsa tmr. Perhaps we can do a little shopping as well. I'm just exicted to be able to spend time with friends. Finally time away from school...

2 Wishes granted:

  • At 8:27 AM, Blogger peccavi said…

    I miss going out with you too! Glad we have a girls' day out later :)

  • At 12:23 AM, Blogger JOEL said…

    Dun feel bad, it's my own fault. I shld have been more careful. And I certainly understand hw u feel abt dancing compared to people ard u. Dun forget, my skills is equally 'GREAT' compared to pple ard me. Juz relax and enjoy urself. And dunn be too greedy abt the number of dance u had, it's the quality nt the quantity that count.


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