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Monday, August 01, 2005

It's Monday

It's Monday and most working people are usually down with a common illness named 'Monday Blues'. However, i think my situation must be more serious for my illness is unknown! Apart from the normal symptons where one feel slightly depressed for the fact that the weekend is over, i seem to be lacking in energy as well. I just can't seem to get enough sleep! I believed i must had slept more than 48 hours in the past weekend. Yet, i still woke up as tired as ever this morning. It seems like i'm trying to refill an endless hole. My classes must be zapping my energy level real low that even recharging doesn't helps. I need a longer break.

Had a super long day. It started off with 5 straight periods with some of my worst classes (what a morale booster!) My sec 2NA class is getting real out of hand. They refused to even sit and do their work in science. The malay boys were happily singing and chatting away, basically ignoring my prescence. The rest just followed suit. Do i heard some of you ask me to discipline them? For ppl who know me, they would know that i would have given the class hell. In fact, i did. I have made them stayed back almost everyday after school. I made sure they can only leave after they finished every sentence of my work. I have even sent some of the more naughtier kids for discipline cases. But everytime, it only works for a short while. They will just revert back to their old self. I have even tried to reason with them that they need to put in some form of efforts for their studies. Their test results are atrocious but yet they dun seemed to care. Many still cheered for getting 8 out of 25 marks. This is getting real depressing. They made me start to question myself as a teacher. Is my classroom management so bad that i can't control them? Is it me or them? Some colleagues have been trying to console me that i'm not the only science teacher who cannot perform miracle with them. But that is not the point right? Why can't they settle down for Science? And the situation is getting from bad to worse. They made me wanna pull my hair. If i go bald, it is their fault >.<

The long day is not over yet. I've to stay in school till 6 plus as it is my CCA. As some of the other teachers is due for some outside school duties, i have to help cover for them. It is not that bad. But the marking of attendance is horrible. Imagine calling out at least a hundred names =S Oh, well... At least i can still do my work. Lotsa marking to clear. The books are stacking so high that i fear for my safety sitting beside them, for they looked like they are gonna topple soon.

There is still no news from the SDU studio with regards to our Salsa lessons. YY, i guess we can start asking for refunds.

Right now, i'm just dreaming for my bed.. Zzzzz...

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  • At 8:57 PM, Blogger KJ said…

    It's not you. Trust me, it takes forever to make a small change. Change doesn't happen overnight, no matter how effective we are. It takes a really long long time.

    On another note, don't be too angry with them all the time. Scolding them only makes them immune to you after a while, which means you'll have to get angrier and louder each time you scold them, before they listen to you.

    Honestly, sometimes silence speaks louder (much louder) tha words do.

  • At 9:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    There will always be difficult classes to handle.

    I'm not going to console you or say it's ok. The truth is that the class don't behave in your presence. That is something for you to think about.

    Now, from experience (I got the worst sec 2 class in my school as my form class), the more you scold, the more they bear grudges. Try to use a "AC" approach. Sometimes you give them hell, sometimes give them some space to misbehave. Don't expect them to change overnight. They wont. They need respect too. But don't go all soft. They cross the line, they get it. Try it, it might just work.

    Oh, and maybe try telling a joke or story sometimes. Science all the time just bore these hard to handle people. Sad but true.. :|



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