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Thursday, August 11, 2005

KTV, Dinner and Friends

It is nice to finally be able to get hold of something that you were wishing so hard for. Haha.. I'm not talking about men but the ktv session that i had this afternoon. Of course, i felt guilty about leaving my work behind to enjoy but i figures that i need the entertainment so i went anyway.

It was a great change, singing your voice out instead of screaming away at the students. This promptly brought me back to reality that i have to face the whole bunch of them tomorrow. I hate to teach them after a long break because they will simply be so restless! I can imagine what will happen tomorrow liao. The mere thought of it is scaring me out.

The company at today session was nice. Finally get to meet up with the busy philosopher, Ray. Gosh, he can actually put on weight even when he was so tied up with work! Maybe, it is true that you eat more when you are more stress.

Had a little surprise today when i met someone whom i had not seen in years. Well, not so surprise actually. We are communicating over the sms and he mentioned that he wanna join me for KTV but too bad that the room is filled. So i popped over to his room when i'm done with my ktv session. It is great to see him again. Frankly, i was real tempted when he asked me to join him. But i know better than to spend too much time with him. I'm quite contented with just seeing him again and have a short but enjoyable chat.

Come to think of it, he had asked me out on several occassions a while ago but i always turned it down. It is not that he is so horrible that i'm running away from him. I think it is simply that i do not want to meet him. I mean i do miss him and wanna meet up with him but at the same time, i dun wish to. It is a complicated feeling and i do not know how to put it in words. I think for those who knows the whole story will be able to understand.

Oh well. Anyway, it was his birthday yesterday. He shares the same birthday with our country. Haha.. How convenient. I can never forget when his birthday is. Wonder if he still remembers mine though.

This is a bit late but Happy Birthday anyway =)

Now that all the fun is over, the work shall begins again. I had just managed to drag myself to finish up the lesson plan. I think i shall go through the lesson once before i hit the bed.

Tomorrow is another long and tiring day.. Sigh..

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