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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Happy National Day!

It is Singapore's Birthday today. Happy Birthday Singapore.

I have been wanting to do some minor changes to my blog template but am still too lazy to do it yet. Perhaps i will do it during the coming Sept holidays. Haha.. But i doubt i will do it then too..

Am feeling a little bit guilty over agreeing to go for KTV session with my friends tomorrow cos i still have stuffs undone. But i just can't say no, for
1. it's like they have answered my pray for a ktv session,
2. i haven't been out with the lot of them.

I seriously wonder am i been given too much work or it is simply a question of my work efficiency. I think it's the latter. I have been wasting so much time on sleeping this weekend. Now my head is getting so swell up with all the stuffs that are still undone but i guess i deserved it.

Realised that my writing is getting worse on this blog. Even i'm bored to death reading what has been written. Think i should stop writing now and blog later when i have better writing inspirations.

KJ, how about a trade off? I accompany you to watch 'Mysterious Skin' and you accompany me to watch 'The Island'?

Raymond, arrgh! Why are you so busy lately? Wanna ask you out also must book so much in advance. Need to take number anot?

Hey! YY, KJ, Qing, Jimmy, Eggie, Suzie, you all on for the mambo thing?

Oh yeah, before i forgot and get killed by him.. My friend had started a blog on trading. So all you people out there who trades, go take a look at his blog. He is quite accurate i must say.


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