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Monday, August 08, 2005

Ranting, ranting and more ranting!

I think my life is horrible. I'm either in school or i'm home. Even when today is National Day eve and i actually get out of school at 12pm, i still ended up at home.

I've got this insatiable desire for a KTV session! Ok, i know KJ is gonna bite my head off when he read this because i'd just turned down his offer to go for a ktv session. But then, that is only because i really think it is pretty awkward for me to go with him and his other 2 female colleagues. Don't get me wrong, his colleagues are fantastic but i dun really know them too well and i have spoken to them for a grand total of 5 sentences before. As cute as KJ is, i dun really think he can spilt his attention among so many of us and really, i hate to just wind up sitting alone.

So here i'm, back to square one. Arrgh! Where are all the friends when you need company? Somehow, they are always occupied when i needed them most. But that cannot be help, for they have their own life. Maybe i should go and reflect why ppl are able to get company on a day like this while i'm bumming out at home.


It's too nice a day to do work and yet too wasteful to just spend it infront of the computer. I think i should go back to sleep before i harp on the topic why am i wasting a day like this sleeping away..

But before i forget, how about a mambo night out on 31st Aug, my dear NIE friends? Well, the next day is a holiday(it 's Teachers' Day!). Now, you all can't say i don't book you early enough.

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  • At 10:16 AM, Blogger Ra said…

    LOL... still too late princess... my school's already organised a wild party for the staff, and the younger teachers among us had already planned for a wilder one after that party... :p


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