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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

I actually wanted to do a post with regards to KJ's entry on politics but then i decide to blog about something else that is more important to me. That is my new diamond pendant! Okies.. Most girls would be like 'Chey! What so big deal about it?' Well, it is to me. For i had never own any diamond accesories before. I had been tempting to get one. I just couldn't put myself to get one through.

As i was saying, i was feel rather low these few weeks and i felt that getting a reward for myself might be a good way to cheer me up. I told my mom that i was going out to get myself a diamond ring and she insisted on following. So the two of us went to...

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I was browsing through the rings on the display counters when my mom suddenly mentioned that she wanted to buy a pendant for me.

Me: Huh? Why suddenly wanna buy me pendant? Win toto?

Mom: No lar. But i know you had been wanted one for sometimes.

Well, when your parents offer to buy you stuffs, i believed most of us won't reject, which is why i came home with this beauty. I actually wanted to take a pic of my diamond necklace and post it here but my stupid camera just can't take good photo from it. So dumb.. I think the next thing i'm gonna get is a new camera!

It is not a super, duper big diamond (it is only 0.1 carat). But mind you, my family is not that well-to-do and i'm quite satisfied with it.

For the next few days, i'm gonna wear my beauty.. Lalalala

I should really be getting to sleep now.

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  • At 10:42 AM, Blogger peccavi said…

    Haha glad to see you so happy... I have two diamond pendants, one from Dad and one from ex, but not wearing them anymore hee... I want new accessories though. We should go shopping one day. Show me your diamond tonight!


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