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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Politics? I dun care about it...

I'm such a slacker! I have been putting off my work review for the longest time! It is not that it is difficult for me to write it. But it is simply a fact that i dun believe in it. Most of the things that you write in the work review is mainly for 'show'. How many of the items that were written were actually carried by those who wrote it?

Anyway, most of you would have know that i'm always a relief teacher on Friday. The school had been kind to me today, giving me relief for the first two periods. So i pretty much got the rest of the day to myself. I think to myself.. Maybe i can finally start on my work review. But alas, i still failed to. The test paper that i sent for verification finally came back (thanks godness! Today is the last day to print all common test papers!) and it seems that they find the standard of the test is a bit on the high side. So they wanna me to 'water' it down. Well, the last time they said my test too easy and now too difficult. What the? Maybe i'm stupid but i really dunno how to craft a test where it is just right to every single students' abilities.

So i spent the rest of the afternoon changing my questions and marking books. When i finally finished the papers and wanna send it for printing, i came to realised a horrible truth. In my school, the teachers print the test papers that they set. For example, i set the sec 3 papers so i will print for all the sec 3 classes, packed them nicely according to classes and locked them up. I was horrified. Printing the common test papers was easy as i only need to print for 3 classes. However for FYE, i'd to set 4 papers! I can't even imagine how many printing i have to do. This promptly brings me to a question. If the teachers are printing their own test and exams papers and the daily worksheets for the classes, what is the purpose of hiring the uncle whose job is suppose to help printing test papers and worksheets for teachers? I mean MOE hired them to help relieve the teachers' load right? I'm not been mean but really if we do all the job, then why do we still need them? Frankly, all i ever see that uncle do is to lock up blank printing papers in his cupboard and to KBKB when we asked him for the papers. Other than that, everytime i go down to the printing room, it is always the teachers who are doing the printing and he will be sitting at his desk, dunno doing what. This is not to mention that he'd a really bad attitude. He will be extremely nice to ppl with authority and shouted at others (eg, BT like me). Today was even worse. I was printing worksheets for my classes when my HOD came to the printing room. Apparently, he needs to print some stuffs. Upon seeing that, the uncle immediately asked me to let my HOD print first. I was pissed. Really. If my HOD had not made such a request, who does he thinks he is? I refused to move cos i think it is such an unfair request! Just because my rank is low so i have the last printing rights? Mind you, i queue for the machine for a long time! I believe my time is as precious as the HOD's time. My HOD was quite nice and said that it is ok, he will wait. This makes me feel better (at least he is not using his rank to pressure me) and i actually let him photocopy his stuffs first as he only has a few pages. When i was about to continue with my photocopying, this senior teacher suddenly rushed to the machine and cut me out. I was furious by then. But i kept my cool and told her that my stuffs are still inside the machine. She seemed a bit unhappy and said that i cannot used this machine to copy cos blah blah.. She said too many things that i had even forgotten what she'd said. In the end, she gave up cos i show no signs of letting up. Why should i get bully just because i'm new? And i hate that uncle! Putting on a smile when he saw the ppl 'high high up there' and even volunteer to help them photocopied their materials.

Bleah! Who cares about him. He can stay in the printing room and kiss all the arses he wants.

I decided to leave school at 4pm to catch "Bewitched' with a friend since it is such a frustrating day. I'm glad that i did. It was a funny movie and i enjoyed myself totally, laughing away silly at the jokes made in the movies. It was such a stress-reliever.

But the best thing is that i get to shop and buy things today cos it's payday! Haha.. Retail therapy is always the best...

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