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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sunday's blues

It's Sunday.. *groan*

That means i'm gonna face another crazy Monday schedule again.. But then again, it is a short week so maybe all is not too bad. I have been slacking this Sunday off. I have been doing absolutely NOTHING! Haha... But it does feels good to be just enjoying my weekend instead of working.

And since i'm so free, i went and caught "Charlie and the chocolate factory" again with my friend. I dun mind watching a good movie twice, not to mention the fact that i caught it with my free movie passes *Woo*

The movie makes me crave for chocolate but i'm on a diet. Crazy i know. But i'd just lost 2 kg and i wanna keep it going. I know what it is like to lose control of my own diet. I can eat non-stop!

Was in a pretty good mood these few days. Hope things keep going this way.

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