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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Sometimes, i wonder why does my post gets such controversial responses from my friends. Maybe it is my lack of ability to express or i simply just can't put things in the right way.

When i posted the entry abt my student throwing a chair at me, i was dejected. Really, really dejected. Actually, it would be more accuarate to say that i'm already at a loss on what i can do. Ideally, i would love to talk to all my problem kids, counseled them on their attitudes and hopefully, they would eventually change. But sad to say, in reality, that is not possible.

3 out of my 5 classes have serious problems, in both their attitudes and studies. Maybe some of you cannot understand my situation. But imagine this. You stepped into this class and all you get is chaos. They refused to listen, dun want to do your work. Walk around, play around and the class is literally a zoo! You screamed at them to stop, you punished the class and you tried to talk to some of the students. Each time, they give you the promise but each time you step in, it is the same. Then you went on to your next lesson and the moment, you step into this next class, it is the same again. The students insult you, have ZERO respect. Order you around or simply walk out of your class. And you tried to do the same thing you did with your previous class and you moved on to teach your next lesson. And guess what? The next class is the same. You are tired and start to feel that you are a failure. You asked for help from fellow colleagues and HODs. But nothing helps. You talk to one students, two students and finally realised that you still have another 50 more to go. You wanted to give them the attention but you dunno to start from which one because all of them needs the same attention. So, what do you do now?

Really, what should i do now? I have broke down so many times when i think abt school because i DUNNO what i can still do. I kept asking my friends, is it me or is like what the others say that it is the classes that i get?

I know some of you are concerned for me and i know that sometimes, i need to hear stuffs that ppl feel might be good for me. But what i'm upset about is that, sometimes these very people never really sit down and ask me what happen too. They listen to my complains, and they form a conclusion from what they knew abt me.

Students have needs. What about teachers? And what about teachers who get not one but all of the problem classes? I have needs too. But sadly, most cannot see it. I tried to ask for help on my blog. But sadly, it didn't get any response. But a simple entry of saying that my student threw a chair at me did.

I'm just upset that why did this person felt that i did not try to talk to that particular student and that i did not try to find out what is wrong. My words maybe pointed but that does not mean that i do not care for them. Saying pointy things to my freinds does not equal to the fact that i will do so to my students.

I can glad to say that a few of them are responding to me and they are doing much better in both work and attitudes. But right now, i just do not know how to help the remaining 50 odds who are having the same problems.

Anyone got a suggestion?

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  • At 11:17 PM, Blogger KJ said…

    I'm very sure you care for them, otherwise you wouldn't be talking about it all the time.

    What I can tell you is that students like teachers who can take things in their stride, and laugh it off, and basically not be too serious. Once they see you are relak, they'll gel with you. You might lose a little bit in terms of authority, but you gain their comradeship.

    I smile a lot in my classes, and it eases them up a lot.

    I would also suggest that you get another teacher to sit in your class. That way, you'll get a teacher's perspective.

    When I was in CVSS, some students didn't like 2 teachers, for very stupid reasons. (1) They didn't like the subject, and (2) they thought one of the teachers' voice was too screechy.

    Yes, our students are superficial enough to come to those kinds of 'reasons' to dislike teachers.

    So, even though i know it's difficult, lighten up :)

    PS: But even though you shouldn't scold that often, once in a while you do need to put them into place.

    PPS: And apparently, one trick my female colleagues say you can use is to look solemn, and ask in a very sombre voice, Have I been fair to you?


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