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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

And again..

I've been getting lazy this week. I'm even getting too lazy to blog recently.

The past few weeks were pretty insane with me trying to get my papers done. The lack of sleep and proper eating and resting is getting to me. I'm just so tired this week, no matter how much i sleep.

The easiest way to lose weight is still to be under stress. I have shed a few kilos within two weeks. But in a bad way however. I have totally lost my appetite. I'm too tired to eat most of the time and would rather skip my meals. I'm kinda worried for myself too, for if this goes on, i will soon fall sick again, which i do not wish so. I wanna to be able to go out and have fun on my birthday.

Speaking of my upcoming birthday (which luckily for me falls after the salary is in), I'd wanted to get myself something to reward myself for all the stress i'd put my body through. Now that i finally have the time to sit down and look through my list, there is actually a lot of thing that i wanna get.

1. Britney Spear's Curious perfume
2. A new watch
3. HP, pocket PC
4. Cannon Ixus camera (finally bought it!)
5. New clothes
6. New shoes
7. New bags (i can't just never have enough bags..And that holds true for shoes and clothes as well..)
8. A holiday trip (Maybe a shopping holiday trip?)
9. A SPA session (I really need it)
10. LOST DvDs (I'm so dying to catch this series...)
11. A new hairdo (Maybe to dye my hair another colour, i'm kinda sick of the curent one)

Arrgh.. The list seems to go on forever.. So little money, so much to buy..

Now, now, which one should i spend my salary on first? Any idea?

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