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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

There is NO holidays, so stop asking!

Sometimes, ppl just make me mad.

I swear the next person who come up to me and say things like "Hey! So nice got holiday, i also wanna be a teacher", i will pluck his head of his neck!

Stupid, idiotic people. Holiday, what holiday?? As far i've know, only a few of us truely gets the sept holidays. The luckier ones will only need to go back to school for one or two days. The unluckier ones (like me) have to go back for the whole week and even have to spend a Sat at some stupid mango swamp to do CIP with students. This is like the second time i'm going for the CIP thing and some teachers don't even need to do even once!

Feel like scolding the F word all the way in this entry. I bloody wish that MOE will send more new teachers to my school this year end so that the 5 of us won't keep getting bully anymore! Then they will have new targets to do all the shitty job. Ha! I'm praying hard for this to happen. *praying*

I'm so angry over the CIP thing. Maybe that is because i've to go to mango swamp! Imagine the amount of mosquitoes that will be bitting me to death! The mere thought of it is giving me shudders. I'm thinking now how to cover the whole of myself up so that they cannot touch me at all! If you think that it is something small, well it is not to me! I fucking hate mosquitoes cos i always get sting by them! No matter where i'm, they simply won't let me off. I cannot imagine going there, it is like sending a lamb to a tiger's cage. I will surely kena killed! Arrgh! I dun wanna come back with lot of ugly red dots all over my body, especially on my face. Hate the stupid teacher-in-charge. Sounds as if it is very simple. Then why aren't the other teachers walking through the swamp with the students? Why are they just sitting at the control station while we, the newbies, have to walk through the thing with the students. These are not even my form classes. Whatever happen to the form teachers of these classes? Aren't they supposed to do something also?

How i wish i could get MC for that Sat, then i won't need to go through all these torture. I would rather fall down the stairs to my death than to be biten by stupid mosquitoes. Now, will someone gimme a push?

2 Wishes granted:

  • At 1:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    You got a nice blog but I got a site much better than yours!

    How can I say that? Well I can say pretty much anything I want ... because I’m a jerk!


    The Jerk

  • At 2:46 PM, Blogger Ms Ang said…

    Yo, gal!
    Hahha! I understand what u mean. I feel weird when people comment (with envy) that I have a job with lotsa hols! haha! *eyes rolling*
    Of cos those people wun know our 苦衷 cos they are not in our prof mah. Just like we will never see the unglam part of docs, lawyers, actors, etc.
    Aniwea, on a lighter note, I was laffing my head off when u remarked that u will "PLUCK the person's HEAD OFF the neck"! hahah! I was imagining that, with animation in my head..and there i went...laffing non-stop!
    Love you, Cindy!
    Take care!


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