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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

If i may say something...

*piew* My blogger finally had recovered and now i can blog at the comfort of my home.

The exams had started and now everyone is busy with marking, and i'm no exception. I do have lotsa marking to do, 9 full classes of science papers and CPA. But i'm counting my blessings as some of the contract teachers have more since they did not help to set papers. I'm just trying to finish everything by Fri so that i can take the weekend off to celebrate my own special day. Sounds like mission impossible but i shall still try nonetheless.

There is actually a lot of work waiting for me but i'm trying not to stress myself out. My gastric had acted again and i was in pain for three days till i finally decides to see the doctor again. He asked me to have more rest and eat more regulary.. And i asked myself, how to?

Before i came online to blog, there is actually an incident which i wanted to dedicate the whole entry to but now as i think about it, it doesn't seem to be so important anymore. Except that i wanna say that, yes i'm choosy. I'm choosy over how my food, my hair and my nails should be done. Because i believe that i did not pay to suffer. I'm choosy over how my stuffs should be arrange and i do not like ppl to mess my things. But i'm not choosy when it comes to school, colleagues or students. Complaining about them doesn't make me a choosy person and it is pretty unfair to me to make that statement too. Someone once say that words are more powerful than any pysical punishments. You can dun like the way i complain abt my school, that is your freedom. You can choose not to agree with me and i'm fine with it. But once again, i stressed, no one has the right to judge me over what i say abt my working life. Because, first, you did not step in my shoes and walked my path. You simply do not know what it is like, so what is there to judge? Second, if any of you happen to have a slightly better working life than mine, that doesn't mean i will also have it the same way. Things are just different in different schools. I felt that i do not need to argue for myself anymore. Those who can see it, will. Those who can't, never will. All i can say it, i will stop talking abt my school life in front of these ppl and i hope they will stop making such comments whether it is intentional or unintentional. It hurts, no matter what the case is. I have enough craps in school and i really do not need these from my friends. So pretty please, stop it.

I'm glad that i still have friends in school and outside of it, who supports me and see me as who i'm and not as the person they preceived from my blog entry. I just hope, one day it will all be better...

p/s: There is absolutely nothing to this post. I'm just blogging out my feelings which i had bottled for some time. I do not wish to keep this feeling with me as i go out to celebrate and hence there is this entry. I'm sorry if i'd said anything harsh to anyone but there is no other way to put across the topic i wanna discuss. Just leave me out with those unnecessary comments k? I dun need one more thing to upset my self any further.