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Friday, October 14, 2005

Another year older but never the wiser!

I'm happy.

How can i not be? This may sounds narcistic but who cares.. It is my... BIRTHDAY!


Apart from the fact that i'm one year older *grumble*, my birthday is wonderful.

YY and i prove KJ wrong! We did have a quiet evening together.. Oh gosh! How did we manage to do it?? It was nice to just hang out with friends and have a dinner together. Both of us went to lindy to look for 'old' friends but we realised that a lot of them weren't there yesterday night. Oh well, it was still fun though. I will upload the photo later tonight or tmr.. heh heh..

Since it is my birthday, here is a little speech...

To all my NIE friends,

How do i even begin? You guys had made my NIE stay a wonderful one. I must say i'm really blessed to have all of you as my friends. You cheered me up when i'm down and never failed to lend me a listening ear when i'm complaining (which is most of the time!), give me encouraging words. You are too kind to me that sometimes i felt that i do not deserve friends like you all.

To the one person whom had given me a lot of 'comments', i appreciate them. But sometimes, the timing is just not right. But then again, there may never be the right timing *shrugs* Of course, i know it is for my good and good advise does always sound unpleasant to the ear.

Ok.. Enough said, i dun wanna be too long-winded.

Let's make some birthday resolutions.. Here it goes...
  1. Be more positve about my school.
  2. Be nicer to everyone, including those who pisses me off (haha, i'm keeping my fingers crossed on this!)
  3. To save more so that i can do some investments like someone who had recently earn some profits.. Heh heh
  4. To be healthier, slimmer and prettier! (Anyone knows a good plastic surgeon?)
  5. To be more efficient in my work and be a better teacher.
  6. To get more sleep.

and finally...


This way, my friends would no longer has an excuse to laugh at me..

With that, i shall get back to my markings, if i wanna go out later in the afternoon...

1 Wishes granted:

  • At 12:21 PM, Blogger Ms Ang said…

    You have a great list of bdae resolutions! All the best to u, Cindy! Stay +ve, lovely and fun-loving!
    Happy birthday~~~ !!!


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