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Sunday, October 23, 2005

A big step

Yeah, it is a big step, though i'm not the one taking them. I met someone on the bus today. She was my primary school classmate. I'd met her once earlier this year. But when i saw her today, i got quite a shock. Earlier this year, she had no ring on her finger and a flat tummy. 6 months later, when i saw her again, she is wearing a big diamond ring on her index finger and her tummy is suggesting that she is at least 4-5 months pregnant! Quite a big change but i'm happy for her. Whenever i met someone who is happily married, they always ask me the same thing.. When is it my turn?

I can't help but wonder if i'm going through another transition in my life where friends are moving away from buying cars to buying flats, from picking boyfriends to marrying husbands, from going out to party to staying at home and look after babies. It's a scary thought. I still feel that i'm too young to make this transition. I still have lotsa things that i wanna do and i just haven't play enough.


On other things, i'm green from envy. Maybe i shouldn't compare too much with the rest of my friends.. Comparing always make me feel that i'm in a super lousy situation.

A fellow mate from salsa says that it is good to let out the frustration out but since i can't do anything abt the situation i'm in, then maybe i should just try to find the one best thing till i can go away to another place. *Bleah* It is a bit difficult though.


Been having these headaches since yesterday. Sigh.. I need to take care of my health before i lose them..

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