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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 2006

Before i write anything...


I hope everyone of you had have a good countdown.. For the past few years, i have been spending new year eve with a few good friends from my Uni but as we did not make plans earlier this year.. I was left out.. Wah.. Sobz.. They called me when i was about to go to bed and asked if i wanna join them at a friend's house.. But alas, once again i'm too lazy to move my butt once i'm comfortablely settled in my bed.

While everyone is spending the holiday outside celebrating, i had spent these 2 days reading my half-blood prince. I'd wanted to finish the book before 2006 (which is a stupid thought) and it has been too long that i had left the book dusting away in my room. I'm one of those stupid people who bought the book when it first came out and then leave it alone somewhere in my house.

Everything aside, since it is a new year so must make some resolutions right? Right? Although i personally felt that few would be accomplish as the year goes.. Haha..
  1. I need to improve on my time management! Alway too much things to do and too little time. Maybe my frustration will die away if i can learn to manage my time better.
  2. Classroom management. After been teaching for half a year in my current school, i felt that this is of utmost importance. Without it, i could spend as much as i like and be able to carry out none! I have got quite a number if low sec classes.. They shouldn't be too much of a problem i think or hoped.
  3. I need to save up more for my future! It is plain stupid to keep wondering why people of the same salary scale can do so much with their money while wondering what had happened to mine.

There are a few other things that i was planning to achieve in 2005 but never came about.. I must get my driving license! It is driving me crazy not been able to drive.

Will someone please smack me in the head if i tell you next time that i will take my driving classes later?

1 Wishes granted:

  • At 11:13 PM, Blogger Ra said…

    are you sure abt "Will someone please smack me in the head if i tell you next time that i will take my driving classes later?"

    You better get a helmet...


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