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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Rain, Salary and Salsa!

Don't you just hate rainy day?

First, it makes my staffroom behaves like a freezer where i'm literally freezing.. Brr... Second, it is just so difficult to get cabs in the morning when it is raining and i'm usually left with no choice these few days but to call a cab. Take the public trasport you say. Oh, but i don't like squeezing in a bus with bunch of students. I have the rest of the day to see them. I rather have the morning off.

But, as gloomy as the weather maybe, i'm still feeling rather happy. I think the classes i have this year are excellent so far and i'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will not change. Students whom i had taught last year mentioned that i'm more fierce and strict this year. Not to mention that today is PAY DAY! Haha.. I'm not hard up on the money (surprisingly). Usually, i'm rather broke by the end of the month. Need to save more.. YY, we must encourage each other to save more and shop less.. Haha..

I hope i'm ready for salsa lesson tonight since it stopped for a week. How am i gonna take the test??? Stress..

Oops.. There goes the bell.. Must get ready for class liao.

Later. Tata!

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