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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sleeping Beauty

Recently, i'm very jealous of sleeping beauty. For she has all the time in the world to sleep for a hundred years and yet i only have 3 max hours every night. How unfair can it be...

KJ comments that he stay in school till 7pm daily to finish his work.. Sigh..

I stayed in school till 6.30pm everyday except for thurday and when i go home, i have to stay up till late night preparing for my lesson and my weekend is burnt on setting tests after tests. I haven't really been out shopping for dunno how long! I have not seen orchard road nor major shopping centre since the start of the school. Yet, i still can't finish my work. HOW? KJ, how? Someone help me!

All thanks to ppl who keep pushing their workload to me. Makes me feel like using the vagarity on them.

I'm already struggling to get the common test papers out before next week and here my CCA teacher-in-charge can come to me last minute and asked me to write a report plan for both the dance CCA and submit tomorrow. Can you imagine? It is due tomorrow and yet she only tells me now. And why must i be the one to write? Whatever happens to her favourite? She cannot write is it? Just a fucker. She has time to go out and shop and meet her friends, so why can't she contribute something to the CCA. Does she knows that while she is happily enjoying herself out, i'm doing the shit for her. Whatever happens to my free time? Why is she so damn selfish?

Cool down. Cool down.

Arrgh! I can't cool down! Feel like slapping her idiotic face. No, make that the two of them.

I hate this world.

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