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Thursday, March 09, 2006

And then, there was none

Yes, the more i count the thing i have to do, the more i realised that there is no holidays..

As the week is getting to an end, the mood in the staffroom is getting lighter. Most are preparing for the break.

I was happily writing down the list of things that i had wanna complete during the holiday and suddenly i realised that one week is not enough.. I'm once again facing the dilema of either taking a well deserved break or try to get my stuffs done. S, my collgeaue, was telling me yesterday that if she feels like going home, she would, for work is never ending. This statement struck me hard. i'd finally understand why i'm still struggling in the staffroom at 6pm everyday when most had gone home. That is because i'd chose to responsible to my students and i'm proud of it. Yes, i could have choose not to mark the students' books (no one is checking anyway) or to give them less work and worksheets.

I do feel better now though i still think that the whole term had been a hell of mad rush.. Sigh..

Maybe June will be better.. I secretly hope..

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