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Thursday, March 02, 2006

This is the day where...

...I refused to do any work after the school hours.

I know i have two classes worth of books to be marked on my desk but i'm really so tired from the constant marking. I spent my weekend marking the common test papers and i spent the last few days marking the test papers again! So i decided to give myself a break even though i really couldn't afford. Heck! I guess i will have to worry abt that when i arrive for work tomorrow. For now, i shall just lay back and relax.

...I bought a pair of heels!

Since i do not wanna do any marking, i decided to do some shopping. I have been trying to look for a pair of suitable heels for my Salsa dancing but i have been trying in vain. Either the design sucks or the height is not right or there is no straps to keep my feet in place. I was about to give up when my friend asked me to check in Metro. BINGO! The moment i stepped into the shoe department, a pair of shoes caught my eye. I loved the design. When i tried it on for size, it just feel so comfortable and i knew i need not look any further. So woohoo! I have a new pair of heels.

There is really something about shopping therapy. The feeling of money felt so good that it chases negative thoughts away. Alas! I do not have the finanical to keep me in this happy state every single day. Oh well, i think i can make do with shopping once a month.

...i make up with a good friend.

Have you ever been in an arguement that is so stupid and pointless that you regret immediately the moment it is over?

Last year, i got into an arguement with a good friend of mine over the MSN. It was so trival that i had even forgotten about what we are quarrelling about. Anyway, he blocked me from his MSN and i have not spoken to him since. Weeks later, i regret about the fight and wanted to patch things up so i sms him. However, there was no reply. More weeks had passed and still he did not returned any of my sms. I started to get a little upset over it but i did nothing more than just sms him.

When i was looking through some photo just now, suddenly i realised that i have not resolved my problem with him. If i continue to let this goes on, i will lose a friend. So i braced up myself and called him on his mobile. I was prepared that he will not pick up or he might gimme a scolding when he do pick it up. However, none of the above happened. He picked it up and he is not mad at me anymore. When i asked him why he didn't reply my sms, he answered that he never received any to begin with. I was stunned. Then i realised that i have been sending msg to the number which he had cancelled 6 months ago. Hahaha.. And i thought he was angry. We have a good chat and now i have my friendship back. *piew*

Such a short day but so many things have happened. It is a wonderful day i guess...

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