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Monday, April 10, 2006

April's fool

This post is soooooo late...

I'm supposed to post this after my dance exam but due to hiccups, it is delayed. Here it is.


It really is an unforgettable April Fool Day. I have been tricked many times throughout my life but what happens today really takes the cake.

The four of us have been practising diligently for the exam (ok, maybe not me but definitely the 3 of them!) and i was getting butterflies over it!

'Oh dear! I can't keep up with music!', 'Oh no! I have forgotten the steps!'

These thoughts kept running through I gathered all my courage and stepped out for my judgement. However, when the music starts playing, Kirk and i got a shocked. This is not the music we have been practising!

Shucks! I was sooo guilty for i thought i have remembered the wrong music. I felt so bad for doing this to Vic and YY.. It was only much later did i realised that it was the instructor that plays us out.


Now, i'm afraid to see what is been written on my results slip.. But luckily, the KBox did the trick. It was really nice to scream it out and catch a stupid movie. Now i feel better.


The past few weeks is C.R.A.Z.Y!

Finally, i'm down to one last paper to set for the MYE. I need a good, long rest to ease my dark eye circles..

Kirk is coming in to be my colleagues for 6 weeks! Nice to have a friend around.

Sorry YY, when i'm busy, even protector cannot make me eat! Oops.. I better not say so or Kirk might just monitor me every minute..

Staffroom is closing. Time to go home.

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